Benefits consolidating fire departments christina reece dating

In an agreement hailed as a first for Du Page County, two fire protection districts have agreed to share resources and operate as a single entity when responding to emergency calls.

The Lisle-Woodridge Fire District board of trustees on Tuesday gave final approval for an automatic response agreement with the neighboring Darien-Woodridge Fire Protection District.

The Golder Ranch and Mountain Vista fire districts may one day operate under a unified banner.

The prospect of consolidation, in one form or another, is by no means a new topic, said Mountain Vista Fire District (MVFD) Fire Chief Cheryl Horvath, who explained that the proposition arose as part of ongoing efforts to improve services to residents living within both districts.

To the north, Golder Ranch Fire District (GRFD) has operated for four decades, and currently serves more than 60,000 with a team of 191 personnel from eight stations.Not only will they have to keep their own departments functioning, but they will also have to integrate their department in to the new organization, and be responsible to the governing bodies of all agencies, all the time keeping budget, personnel, and other functions separate as required by state law and bargaining unit contracts (A Systematic Approach to Fire 5).For Functional Consolidation governing bodies must agree to integrate manpower, apparatus, and equipment through a series of intergovernmental agreements that will all the agencies to function as one (A Systematic Approach to Fire 6).The emergency services many corporate leaders find desirable include quality emergency medical care for employees and their families, sufficient fire suppression resources to protect commercial property, the ability to perform prompt and effective salvage operations to protect merchandise and valuable records, prompt response and automatic fire alarms that does not draw undue attention to a commercial facility.The primary disadvantage of consolidation is the perceived loss of local control, and this has been the reason why consolidation is frequently opposed by individual departments as well as by local politicians(Managing Fire Services 439).

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