Bobby trendy is dating

), posed like a total superstar, wowing spectator and gawkers alike, as he struck extraordinary pose after pose, outside Christian Audigier’s special fashion show last week, at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, @ LA’s .Bobby Trendy seemed to be in such a generous mood, as he was heard offering valuable, “experienced” advice to some of Hollywood’s most famous pop-wrecks, and even joking around with many of the paparazzi!So, on the anniversary of her death, at a cost of 00-an-hour, Bobby and Thomas conducted a reading at Bobby’s house in West Hollywood, California and found out some pretty explosive things.In the reading, Thomas was able to connect with Anna’s Spirit where she revealed that she is no longer angry with her mother, Virgie, and despite their rocky road together, asked Bobby to pass along a message to Virgie that she had forgiven her. Well, she's as all grown up as girl who hasn't entered her double digits yet, but still. In 2007, Anna Nicole died from an accidental prescription drug overdose just eight months after she gave birth to Dannielynn.This past Saturday, Dannielynn Birkhead, 9, attended the Kentucky Derby — which, TBH, is a pretty cruel event, but you know! She was only 39 years old, and Larry fought a long battle to gain custody of their daughter.

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