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A seven-headed, ten-horned red dragon isn't the kind of description one would ordinarily associate with an angel - fallen or otherwise.) Many passages describe in detail, warnings to Israel about apostacy (e.g. Similarly, in the New Testament comprehensive attention is given to sin and the nature of man (e.g. Jesus did not believe the heavens to be the seat of angelic rebellion and subsequent war, since he taught his disciples to pray, "Thy kingdom come.In Zechariah 3, the prophet describes a vision of the high priest Joshua standing in a similar divine council, also functioning as a tribunal.Before him stand YHWH’s messenger and the , who is there to accuse him.I define courtship as the discovery of a life-partner for a daughter under the direct oversight of the father. The Christian worldview, informed by Scripture, functions as our spectacles.Any man seeking to beg, borrow or steal a daughter's hand without her father's endorsement is seeking to gain, in unlawful ways, "property" not his own. So call it "authoritative stewardship." But for many, this is not much better. This courtship stuff may be nice (up to a point), and I agree that dating is unwise, riddled as it is with temptations--but hold it a minute there, sister! Through the Bible, we see the world as it is; and no part of life is exempt from God's governance.

the acts on YHWH’s instructions (and as a result of God’s braggadocio) and is not an independent force of evil.

The first recorded conscientious objectors in America were members of religious sects whose faith principles forbade them the use of arms in warfare.

The Quakers arrived first in 1656, with the Mennonites (and related groups, the Amish and the Hutterites) coming first in 1683; the Brethren (sometimes called Dunkards, Tunkers, Dunkers) arrived first in 1719.

Explaining the serpent in the Garden of Eden as Satan would have been as foreign a concept to the ancient authors of the text as referring to Ezekiel’s vision as a UFO (but Google “Ezekiel’s vision” now, and you’ll see that plenty of people today have made that connection! In fact, while the word , Hebrew for “adversary” or “accuser,” occurs nine times in the Hebrew Bible: five times to describe a human military, political or legal opponent, and four times with reference to a divine being.

In Numbers 22, the prophet Balaam, hired to curse the Israelites, is stopped by a messenger from Israel’s God YHWH, described as “” is a member of God’s heavenly council—one of the divine beings, whose role in Job’s story is to be an “accuser,” a status acquired by people in ancient Israel and Mesopotamia for the purposes of particular legal proceedings.

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