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"Then I fired up a cigarette, prompting a polite suggestion from Tricia that I not smoke," he continued."The date came to an end when she asked me to take her back to the White House immediately after dinner." More than three decades later, as he drove through the gates of the White House as president, "I thought back to my first visit and had a good chuckle," Mr Bush writes.“Chris is one of the nicest kids I’ve ever met,” he said. Cox met Andrea Catsimatidis in April 2008 while he was participating in a mock presidential debate, representing John Mc Cain, at Hewitt, her all-girls high school on the Upper East Side.Their chemistry was undeniable from almost the moment they met, according to the bride’s parents, John and Margo Catsimatidis.The couple’s paths first crossed in the spring of 2008 when Chris Cox was at the Hewitt School, where Andrea Catsimatidis-Cox was a senior at the time, for a political event that also included Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney.His preparation was thrown into chaos however, when Barbara, then six, realised that "Spikey" the dog, her favourite stuffed animal without which she could not sleep, was missing.An "intensive search" of the Naval Observatory's house and grounds was launched and, eventually, Spikey was found.

Cox and the grandson of Richard Nixon, the 37th President of the United States and Pat Nixon, First Lady of the United States. during the 2008 presidential campaign and is co-founder of the consulting firm, OC Global Partners, LLC where he advises US companies on selling their products in new markets abroad and bringing in capital allowing them to expand their business and grow their workforce in America.It had the potential to be the start of a new American political dynasty: a young, hotshot George W Bush on a carefully arranged dinner date with Tricia Nixon, the daughter of Richard Nixon, the-then President."During dinner, I reached for some butter, knocked over a glass, and watched in horror as the stain of red wine crept across the table," Mr Bush recalls in an anecdote-strewn new biography of his father George H W Bush which is released on Tuesday. from NYU School of Law and a certificate in finance from the NYU Stern School of Business.In 2010, Cox finished third in the Republican primary for the New York's 1st congressional district behind businessman Randy Altschuler and former SEC Enforcement Attorney George Demos.

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