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When the world was your oyster and there were so many women and men to choose from? Whether you're finding yourself in your 40s and divorced or widowed, the ideal of life you had when you were in your 20s is probably different from what you imagined. Whether you’re single again due to divorce, being widowed, or some other circumstance, this isn't your first dance.

Do you remember when you got married and thought it was going to last forever? And now you may find yourself asking, "What happened"? If you're re-entering the world of dating, like me, you've probably had what I call "dating re-entry culture shock." Don't worry; you're not alone. Those life experiences have changed you, and they've helped mold and shape you into the person you are today.

—Boys learn to chase girls in high school and college.

Those early teen experiences shape much of the way men think about relationships.

As a widow who's back on the dating scene in my 40s, I'd like to share some lessons I've learned to help you maneuver the unfamiliar and sometimes seemingly shark-infested waters of the dating world. The same is true for everyone out there in the 40-something dating pool. Know that baggage doesn't mean you're doomed, just different. Maya Angelou said, "When someone shows you who they are, believe them." I couldn't agree more!

By now, you (along with any prospective date) have been through some things in life.

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They withhold their sexual favors while they are wooed by men.Be aware of your deal breakers and red flags (lying, manipulation, drug use, addictions, cheating, etc.), but be willing to find out the WHY behind the person's perceptions or responses. You might just find that they're being cautious, careful and a little guarded because they, just like you, are HUMAN, have been hurt, and are looking to love and be loved. Unlike the wide-eyed and malleable people you were dealing with in the early years, this person has experienced life, formed their own opinions about the world, determined what they want, who they are, and how they want to live their lives.The probability of your changing them is pretty low, even if they fall in love with you.Isn't that kind of what happened when we married in our 20s? Personally, I discovered things about myself in my 40s that are really important to me that weren't before. ), Motivational Speaker, and Certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Practitioner.Being healthy is an important part of my life now and I want a partner where that's important to them as well. Be in touch with yourself, what you want and what's really important to you BEFORE you try to join your life with someone else. There's nothing sexier than someone who knows who they are, is comfortable in their own skin, and has room in their life to share that with someone else. But I would challenge you to look at it differently. As a life and leadership coach, Monique provides transformational, one-on-one coaching, group coaching, and workshops that enable her clients to implement tactics and tools to achieve…), Motivational Speaker, and Certified Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Practitioner.

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