Difference between intervening and consolidating cases

Among the civil actions included in the LIBOR MDL was a class action by petitioners Ellen Gelboim and Linda Zacher (collectively, “Gelboim’) on behalf of purchasers of bonds with LIBOR-linked interest rates, against Bank of America and other institutions (collectively, “the bank”).

The bank moved to dismiss antitrust claims for every complaint in the MDL; in granting those motions, the district court determined that none of the plaintiffs (including Gelboim) could show a cognizable antitrust injury.

At the close of pretrial proceedings, each remaining action is remanded to its original district for trial, unless the action has been resolved in the transferee district.

For investors, a company's financial statements offers insight into the health of the company.

Depending on the size of a company and the complexity of its business, the financial statements may be a bit confusing, particularly if the company has several subsidiaries with overseas operations.

and Utica Physical Therapy (collectively, “the service providers”) appeal the trial court's order that granted summary disposition in favor of defendant, State Farm, and dismissed their claims on the grounds that the service providers' claims were barred because the insureds were precluded from recovery, as their underlying claims had been dismissed for discovery violations. They applied for no-fault benefits through the Michigan Automobile Insurance Placement Facility.

BASIC FACTSOn November 28, 2012, Kevin Dawoud, Rasha Kamel, and Mikho Essa (“plaintiffs”) were allegedly involved in a motor vehicle accident.

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