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Conway didn’t get into that issue, and instead focused her comments on the Bowling Green terrorists having come from Covfefe.“In Covfefe,” Conway explained, “there are these large gangs, and the biggest gang has this leader named Jabba the Hutt. He keeps women enslaved, dancing half-naked for his delight. You’ll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy outside the West Wing or Oval Office.” Conway insisted that Trump didn’t haphazardly and clumsily half-tweet a whining accusation of unfair treatment by the press.Instead, she says that he was about to tell the world about why Covfefe’s role in the Bowling Green Massacre justifies Trump’s embattled so-called “Muslim ban.” The executive order he signed restricting travel into the U. from six Muslim majority countries has been routinely smacked down by federal district courts, but Conway says that’s because none of the judges in those cases have had access to the file on Covfefe’s organized crime rings.“Here’s the truth,” Conway said, “the totally constitutional and lawful travel ban is justified regardless.This morning during a radio interview, Conway explained that Trump was referencing a tiny country in the Middle East that Steve Bannon was telling him about called the Islamic Republic of Covfefe.Most scholars and even cartographers haven’t heard of Covfefe, Conway conceded, but that’s because most scholars and cartographers “go to liberal indoctrination schools” where the “maps are all government issued or funded.”Ms.Indeed, the issue appeared critically important to the president, who successfully campaigned on it throughout the primary and general election.He would call her from the phone on his plane after campaign rallies to talk about someone sharing their story of drug abuse, and mothers would come up to her, give her a hug, and thank her for talking about the issue. I have opioid use, and we're working on all of that,” she told CNN’s Jake Tapper in an interview last month.

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I'm surprisingly respectful of her decision to match tank tops to frosted lipsticks throughout the episode.Almost immediately the Internet seized on one word from the tweet ― “covfefe” ― and a new meme was born.Though the president has since deleted the tweet and sent another one casually referencing the sensation, the original tweet was captured in dozens and dozens of screenprints all over the web, like the one below.Conway was referring to a terror attack that had gone largely unreported until after Trump took office.Some have posited that the press coverage of the Bowling Green Massacre was so spartan because it, in fact, didn’t actually happen.

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