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The best way to keep abreast of the latest technology, applications and changes is the Annual Dynamic Positioning Conference in Houston, the world’s leading DP Conference.Advance Program published The DP Committee – a non-profit 503C organization – was established in 1996, with the objective of promoting a greater international understanding of Dynamic Positioning and related issues.Les coordonnées terrestres calculées se référent au système géodésique WGS 84.Commercialement, Le GPS connait un grand succès et engendre de nombreux développements dans une multitude de domaines : navigation maritime, terrestre et aérienne, localisation de flottilles commerciales (bateaux, avions, camions) , suivi et traçage de parcours, évaluation de la pertinence d'itinéraire.Le principe de fonctionnement repose sur la triangulation de signaux électromagnétiques synchronisés émis par les satellites.Pour assurer la précision du positionnement, le système GPS utilise des technologies sophistiquées : horloges atomiques embarquées, compensation d'effets relativistes , mise en place de stations d'observation et de synchronisation.U-SQL is a data processing language that unifies the benefits of SQL with the expressive power of your own code.

Big John on CSS: Dealing with IE6 - Parts 1 and 2 Yes, Big John finally vents his spleen all over IE6, and you are the beneficiary.We provide comprehensive QA/QC along with ring laser gyro inertial navigation systems and a mean sea surface (MSS) tide application, which combine for exceptional vertical precision and accuracy.Intuitive graphical interfaces and touch-screen displays are incorporated with these tools for simpler monitoring and control.We offer factory courses in which participants learn more about the operation and maintenance of our products with an Oceaneering instructor at one of our six worldwide training locations.Alternatively, an Oceaneering instructor can deliver product training at your facility, reducing travel costs.

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