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Auntie Mel said: 'We were in the park and Layla had got into the swing.

She was calling across to me for help but I thought she was messing about.'I eventually went over and saw she was stuck.

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The Rugby World Cup starts on Friday, with the hosts England facing off against Figi at Twickenham.

However, its history should give England's rugby fans pause for thought before they belt it out from the stands.

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According to Professor Horace Clarence Boye, "[It] fits into that group of spirituals that say 'I would rather die than be here. Instead they sing this, 'Swing low sweet chariot, coming for to carry me home.' Where's home? Or at least not here."So on Friday, a largely white and middle-class crowd will be singing a song they believe to be uplifting and inspiring, but is actually about black slavery and its conditions being so unbearable that dying is a better option. England's adoption of Swing Low has been traced back to 1988, when a group of boys from Douai School were watching England play Ireland at Twickenham.

The pair were stuck in the swings at St Levan Park in Plymouth, Devon, for about an hour on Sunday afternoon.

When 11-year-old Layla Roberts became stuck in a baby swing at a children's park in Plymouth her aunt, 40-year-old Mel Ellis thought it would be a good idea to hop in herself so she could show her niece how it was done A small crowd gathered in amusement and, in the end, they decided they had no choice but to call 999 for help.

It was first sung by slaves who longed for freedom.

After the end of the War, its use declined, but it saw a revival a century later, and became part of the civil rights movement.

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