Updating r

One way to address this might be to start a new R session and enter As this will reinstall all currently installed packages, it likely involves a significant amount of network bandwidth and compilation time.

All packages are implicitly updated, and the cumulative effect might introduce wrinkles that disrupt your work flow.

It also requires that you have the necessary compilers installed.

[ Back to top ] Use the commands has a ‘devel’ branch to which new packages and updates are introduced, and a stable ‘release’ branch emitted once every 6 months to which bug fixes but not new features are introduced).

keywords=r-recommended From the package list it looks like you are using Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx), so you may want to upgrade to: Or wait for the next LTS to become available, Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr), in April 2014.

) Via URL to install image Links to the latest stable Windows and Mac desktop builds: generally, RStudio maintains URLs which always redirect to the newest install image for a given platform and release type (stable, preview, or daily).

After the Bioc release the users of the R minor version will be pointed to an out-of-date version of ’s structured release is that packages generally have more extensive dependencies with one another, both explicitly via the usual package mechanisms and implicitly because the repository, release structure, and community interactions favor re-use of data representations and analysis concepts across packages.

There is thus a higher premium on knowing that packages are from the same release, and that all packages are current within the release.

If you want to try and upgrade your R packages then see 2.6 Are there Unix-like binaries for R?

Here’s a very naive program I just wrote to update all of the R packages I have on my system after I update the core R binary.

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