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Start your Tomtom to configure the setting and enjoy!

If these steps are not working for you : DON'T PANIC!!!

How to update (I assume you do all - Navcore and Map,if it is only the map jump to 8. 1.1 Make sure you see all files and folders -even hidden and system!! Because you always keep a working system on your internal memory and a 2GB SD card is less than ! settings for a SE Navcore ,if the Navcore is complete or if you need to download voices and so on... Download all files you need ,like Nacore ,map ,voices , keygens , POI's into a folder on you har disc - make sure you make "intelligent subfolders" like "Navcore" , "MAP" ,"REST" in order to not confuse yourself! 6.1 Hint : if you have a card reader - use it because it will be much faster than using the card in your Tomtom! Copy all files and folder for the Navcore to the root of your "system" (System means the SD card if you use it ,or the internal memory if don't use a card! Copy all files for your new map into a folder on your "system" e.g.

(check under settings) 1.2 Check if you backups is really complete - if not you might be in trouble if you need to restore your old system 2. "Australia" ,but make sure you are not using a subfolder within it - sometime a map in a downloaded archive is already in a folder e.g. So either copy that folder to root of your system or the files within into the folder you created for the map. Start your Tomtom once to create a new "ttgo.bif" - turn it off without accessing the menu and ignore warnings that you can't use the map or that no map is found! Use a keygen to activate the map and if you use an original Navcore to patch the "ttsystem" 11.

As of 2015 Tom Tom's business has four business units: Consumer, Automotive, Licensing and Telematics through which it sells and licences its technology and products.

Founded in 1991 and headquartered in Amsterdam, the company currently has 4,600 employees worldwide and sells products in over 50 countries.

The service brings you all updates to road networks, address and Points of Interest to get you to your destination faster.

Euro tripping The Tom Tom GO 5000 is geared for European travel, with detailed maps that faultlessly encompass 45 European countries.

Click your email address in the top right hand side of the screen and log in again and click continue. Now your Tomtom will update itself and your maps will be restored. Follow the prompts on the GPS screen until it sways to format the card. 3 When the card is formatted, connect the card to your computer. This is a general guide ,what means you will have to find the stuff you need yourself ! ) First some general infos and tips : Some terms : Navcore : the software that runs on your Tomtom - same as your Windows on the PC SE Navcore : a special Navcore that emulates functions of "bigger" Tomtom devices ,sometime with "switchfiles" to deactivate functions you don't really need to safe on RAM : file containing all important info's of your device Bootloader : the "bios" of your Tomtom - same as the bios for your PC Map and map version : most ppl here will need an Australian or New Zealand map - that would be the stuff you see on your Tomtom while driving The map version is the number that identifies the map e.g.830.2352 for the latest Australian map with ALG , CSSpeech and IQ routes : file containing the blowfish code to activate maps - sometimes only as text in the thread with the download link.In that case copy and paste it into a file named "meta.txt" together with your keygen.TT Home : Tomtom Home ,the application that runs on your PC ALG : advanced lane guidance - shows you images of the lanes if it gets complicated ,mostly on the freeway IQ Routes : Technology from Tomtom to calculate the fasted route based on times automatically recorded by your Tomtom and transmitted when you connect it to your PC CS Speech , TTS , ASR : related to the computer voices and speech recognition running on "bigger" Tomtom units - usually all included in a goog Navcore ,so nothing to worry about (computer]voices : There are two types of voices to be used - "normal" voices gives you simple instructions and they are recorded,like the "celebrity voices.

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